The Process

Continually producing successful work comes from listening to your clients, understanding their business goals and what they need to achieve from their branding materials. No two projects are the same and Caroline likes to approach each one with fresh thinking and new ideas.

Taking a Brief

First and foremost we will need to creative a brief. From here Caroline can provide you with an estimate or quote.
Briefs can be taken via an informal meeting, over the phone, or via email. A straightforward, clear conversation about your design needs is what you can expect. Caroline works from home, so the process is all very relaxed and not too formal.

When taking a brief, the following information will be useful: Your current branding materials (if any), your information content, your style likes and dislikes, your favourite websites, your colour preferences, your functionality wish list, your target audience and your photography plans. If you have some current branding or images that you wish to include, it would be helpful to see these at the brief/quote stage.

After taking a brief, Caroline will provide an estimate or final quote, along with suggested timescales. Once agreed, the project can proceed. Caroline endeavors to make the whole process as simple and successful as she possibly can.

Deposits & Payment

Projects over £100 require a 30% deposit. The deposit is an advance payment on the work and once paid, the work can begin. The deposit is non-refundable once the work has started. A final payment of 70% is requested on completion. Payment terms for the final amount are 28 days.

Design Visuals

Example designs (also called 'visuals') will be created for you to review and provide feedback on. These will be sent to you via email or uploaded on the internet for you to view. If preferred, a meeting can be arranged and visuals can be presented face to face. For websites, these visuals will be flat, none-working, none-moving images, unless otherwise specified. Visuals are created to help you 'imagine' the end result and suggest changes to content and colour before the development or artwork stage begins.

Photography & Stock Photography

More often than not, Stock Photography will be suitable for your project. Caroline has access to many extensive image libraries (also know as Stock Photography) and can select and purchase suitable images on your behalf. You will always have a final say in which images are used. Stock photography is an extremely cost effective solution to your photography needs. If you require more specific photography for your project, Caroline can happily recommend a photographer to you.

Feedback and Amends

On receiving your feedback, Caroline will work on the designs further. The process of amending and reviewing the designs will continue until you are completely happy with the results. The only exception to this rule is if the changes requested deviate from the original brief. Any new requests or changes that were NOT included in the original brief will be counted as additions and will be chargeable.

When your print or web visuals are completed to your satisfaction, we will agree that they are 'Signed-off'. No further amends can be made once 'Sign-off' has been agreed. Any amends made after ‘Sign-off’ are chargeable. The designs will then be developed into finished products ready for printing or for web projects, passed over to a Developer.


If you have requested printing as part of your project, your files will be sent to the printer on 'Sign-off'. If you have not requested printing, Caroline will send you a disk or email containing your artwork in your requested formats.


Your website and brochure will need text. Perhaps you are whizz with words and can write your own, but if you're not, you might require a Copywriter. A Copywriter will listen to your company vision and translate this into well written documents ready to go into your design and literature. If you think you require a Copywriter, Caroline can help you find a suitable one.